Quiz 2

Quiz # 2

The first European explorer of the St. Lawrence was?
a.      Henry Hudson
b.      John Cabot
c.      Jacques Cartier

2.      The St. Lawrence River was named after the martyr St. Lawrence from what country?
a.      Great Britain
b.      Italy
c.      France

3.      Saint Lawrence is the patron saint of?
a.      Waterways and canals
b.      Ships of exploration
c.      Libraries and librarians

4.      The average outflow in the St. Lawrence River is about?
a.      1.9 million gallons/sec.
b.      22 billion cubic feet/day
c.      1.05 cubic miles/week

5.      The length of the St. Lawrence River is about how long?
a.      1140 miles
b.      745 miles
c.      530 miles

6.      The largest island in the upper St. Lawrence River is?
a.      Wolfe Island
b.      Howe Island
c.      Wellesley Island

7.      How many separate lakes are there in the St. Lawrence River?
a.      None
b.      Two
c.      Four

8.      The maximum depth of the St. Lawrence from Kingston to Quebec City is?
a.      Less than 160 feet
b.      More than 250 feet
c.      More than 520 feet

9.      The maximum draft for ships on the St. Lawrence prior to the Seaway was?
a.      21 feet
b.      14 feet
c.      10 feet

10.      The International Water Levels Coalition still supports which proposed new plan?
a.      Plan A+
b.      Plan B+
c.      Plan D+

Answers to Quiz #2: 

1: c   2:  b   3:  c   4:  all are correct   5:  b   6: a   7:   c   8:  b   9:  b   10:   b