Quiz 1


1.    There are approximately how many islands in the Thousand Islands?
a.    980
b.    1800
c.    2600

2.    An island in the Thousand Islands is typically defined as:
a.    It must support at least two living trees
b.    It must be above water 365 days of the year
c.    Both a. & b.

3.     In the last 100 years, the highest average monthly water level on Lake Ontario occurred in what year?
a.    1952
b.    1976
c.    1993

4.    The rate of outflow in the St. Lawrence River would commonly be:
a.    10,000 gallons per second
b.    280,000 gallons per second
c.    2 million gallons per second

5.    The outflow of the St. Lawrence River is primarily controlled at the:
a.    Iroquois Dam
b.    Beauharnois Dam
c.    Moses-Saunders Dam

6.     The flooding of 38,000 acres along the St. Lawrence Seaway – Power Project occurred from July 1st to July 4th in what year?
a.    1958
b.    1959
c.    1960

7.    The maximum size of the ships that travel the St Lawrence Seaway is:
a.    580-ft. long  –  56-ft. wide
b.    740-ft. long  –  78-ft. wide
c.    1000-ft. long  –  98-ft. wide

8.    The St. Lawrence River is approximately:
a.    6,000 years old
b.    25,000 years old
c.    1.2 million years old

9.    The bridge from the US mainland to Wellesley Island was completed in what year?
a.    1938
b.    1942
c.    1951

10.    The International Water Levels Coalition supports which proposed new Lake Ontario-St. Lawrence River (LOSL) regulation plan?
a.    Plan A+
b.    Plan B+
c.    Plan D+

Answers to Quiz #1: 

1: b   2:  c   3:  a   4:  c   5:  c   6: a   7:   b   8:  a   9:  a   10:   b