Mission & Goals

IWLC Mission Statement

To achieve and maintain water levels on the St. Lawrence River & Lake Ontario that are equitable for all affected interests.

IWLC Goals

1. To have the International Joint Commissions Orders of Approval amended to include recreational boating and the environment.

2. To become better educated on all factors which influence water levels.

3. To work closely with the International Joint Commission and International St. Lawrence River Board of Control to construct a candid, straight forward, two way communication highway and work cooperatively together.

4. To develop a strong, active, well informed Advisory Board to the International St. Lawrence River Board of Control composed of independently selected representatives of all interest groups.

5. To modify the Board of Controls consensus voting to a simple majority vote on water levels issue.

6. Further, the IWLC is strongly opposed to winter shipping in the St. Lawrence Seaway and to the sale or diversion of any fresh water from the Great Lakes – St. Lawrence River watersheds.