Board of Directors:

President(US): Paul Webb
Vice President(US): Bob Marr
Secretary: Amanda Stone
Treasurer(US): Clarence Giles
Treasurer(CA): Robert Houze
BOARD MEMBERS:  Twyla Webb, Bill Schebaum, Chris Howitt



Membership Committee:

The Membership Committee is responsible for collecting annual membership dues and maintaining current information on all members. The Membership committee also assists the Executive Committee in identifying volunteers suitable for serving on committees and performing other tasks.

Government Liaison:

The Government Liaison maintains current information on both Canadian and U. S. elected officials within the Lake Ontario – St. Lawrence River basin.

Public Relations:

Public Relations coordinator arranges presentations, maintains contacts with the press, coordinates events and media interviews, issues press releases for both sides of the river.

News/Views Editor (interim):  vacant

The News/Views Editor oversees the preparation and distribution of quarterly IWLC newsletter.

Historian: Peggy Blackmer

Web Site Director: Chris Howitt
Canadian Water Levels Consultant:  Chris Howitt
US Water Levels Consultant: Chris Howitt